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Mirrors 301


Commissioned by Raphael Mu

Mirror: 301 consists of 43 shards of broken mirror, my favorite medium to work with in sculpture. There's a well known superstition that breaking a mirror yields 7 years of bad luck. Having acquired probably several millennia of bad luck through this and other projects, I named this piece Mirror: 301. 43 shards of mirror x 7 years for each broken mirror = 301.

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National Park Playing Cards
Pride IV
20x24 | Acrylic on canvas | $500
Phi Mu Alpha
12x12 each (Prints: $40, Canvas Pantings: $300) Click below for purchase
Pride III
18x24 | Acrylic on canvas | $250
18x24 | Acrylic on canvas
Pride II
16x20 | Acrylic on canvas | $225
12x20 | Oil on canvas | $200
Pride I
12x12 | Acrylic on canvas | $200
Ljepa Naša, Croatian flag
24x36 | Acrylic on canvas | $300
Pride V
16x20 | Acrylic on canvas | $90
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