Sunset Altar


Sunset Altar consists of 41 shards of broken mirror with their backs painted with acrylic. The only way to see the backs is via the reflections on other shards of mirror. This piece was created while sheltered in place in March and April of 2020. 


Would you like a beautiful mirror sculpture that you can look at for hours on end and will be the ultimate conversation piece? I can create one similar to Sunset Altar with the backs painted or without, such as Mirrors: 301. For commissioned works, I like to make them as personal as possible, so our first step would to set a meeting (either in person or virtually) so I can get to you know you and see where the piece would be placed so that I incorporate aspects of its surroundings. Please contact me if interested. 

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Mirrors 301


Commissioned by Raphael Mu

Mirror: 301 consists of 43 shards of broken mirror, my favorite medium to work with in sculpture. There's a well known superstition that breaking a mirror yields 7 years of bad luck. Having acquired probably several millennia of bad luck through this and other projects, I named this piece Mirror: 301. 43 shards of mirror x 7 years for each broken mirror = 301.

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