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To commission artwork:

Tell me anything about the type of piece you would like. You can be as detailed (or not) as you like. Here are some questions (mostly specific to sculptures) for you to consider. Don't feel the need to answer all of them in this form; they are half rhetorical. These are what we will be discussing at some point however, so they are good to think about until then.

1. Do you want a piece that hangs on the wall (such as Nautilus) or one that rests (such as Altar or Stalagmites)?

2. What size, overall shape, and orientation of a piece are you looking for (vertical/horizontal/square-shaped/round)?

3. Do you want any non-mirror materials showing (such as the wooden base in Stalagmites)?

4. What are your thoughts on the spectrum of order/symmetry (such as Xylo) versus chaos/asymmetry (such as Altar)?

5. Do you want the backs of the mirrors to be painted for a kaleidoscopic effect (such as in Altar)?

6. Do you want LED strips embedded into the piece (such as Stalagmites)?

7. Do you want space for candles (such as Surf)?

8. Do you prefer angular polygonal shapes (such as Stalagmites or Labyrinth) or more curvaceous, rounded shapes (such as Surf) or a balance of both (like Altar or Mosaic)?

9. Do you want a depiction of something specific (such as Sailboat), something totally abstract (like Altar) ,or somewhere in between (like Nautilus)?

Thank you!

For all other queries, please email me at markobajzer(AT)

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