5% of all proceeds will go to the National Park Foundation!

National Park Playing Cards

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Why Should I Buy These???

  1. Each card has unique art that is absolutely gorgeous (not biased at all here).🙌

  2. 5% of proceeds go to the National Park Foundation. The annual donation is give on Giving Tuesday when the Foundation usually has a sponsor who will match all donations! 💸➡️🏕

  3. The material is super high quality 300gsm cardstock.👍😮

  4. What's more fun than playing cards next to a campfire after a long days hike while eating  something right off the grill that you otherwise wouldn't justify the calories for, if it wasn't for the fact that you're on vacation? 🍔

  5. Each card has a short description with fun facts and trivia so you can learn about the parks you haven't been to while you're waiting for your friend, who might as well be writing a doctoral thesis on which card to play. 🤓

  6. The fun facts also make them great for kids! Part of the original impetus for these was sharing my passion for the outdoors with my nieces and nephews. ❤️

  7. Also great for drinking games! 🍻

  8. They were made by someone who has actually been to a good number of them. Cards were assigned their value based on 4 qualities: scenery, uniqueness, notoriety/fame, and size/how much there is to do there. 🤠🧐

  9. Comes with a bonus card that explains the rules for "National Park Rummy," a super fun game that puts a geographic twist on the traditional card game.♠️♥️♣️♦️

  10. It's fun to come up with an extra camp rule for ANY game so that whatever park you're in, that card has special powers. 🏞

  11. You can use the deck to mark the parks you've been to by displaying them on a bulletin board. 💁‍♀️

  12.  Great for trivia. When you're on the road you can take turns reading a fun fact while others try to name the park! 🚗

How were these made?

I used photographs that either I have taken from my trips or from Creative Commons websites and used photoshop magic to give them their characteristic illustration-like quality. The entire process of designing the format, deciding which parks should be assigned to which cards, finding the right pictures, editing them (for some parks I edited about 20 pictures before I found one that I liked), doing research for all of the facts, writing and formatting them to maximize information in limited space that was both informative and inspiring, setting up a mechanism for production and purchase, going through several rounds of drafts seeing which cards worked or didn't work, etc. all took about eight months of consistent work. Decks come in a plastic case, though a paper/cardboard box is available upon request at markobajzer@gmail.com


Cards Themselves: 2.5x3.5 inches (standard poker size)

Case: 3x4x1 inches

Weight without case: 3.3 oz

Weight with case: 4.6 oz

Posters now available as well!

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LR Preview Rocky Mountain Poster.jpg
LR Preview Great Smoky Mountains Poster
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