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Throughout my undergraduate studies, many people asked me which one of my majors (composition, bassoon performance, and music education) I planned on pursuing as a career. I have never viewed it that way. Having knowledge of performance and composition gives me more to teach students. Teaching students reminds me of the things I need to work on as a performer and constantly exposes me to new music. Having the added perspective of an active performer helps my compositions and vice versa. While I may not do all of these three things every day, I see music education, composition, and performance as all strengthening and reinforcing each other, allowing me to truly become a complete musician. I am very passionate about enabling others to experience the joy of music and educating the next generations of musicians. I have taught music to students ranging all the way from preschoolers to graduate students and everything in between. I currently teach music theory, composition, and bassoon at at California State University East Bay I offer private lessons on bassoon, and theory/composition. In the links below you can find my goals and style as a lessons teacher, as well as some other insightful readings!

More about me and my teaching style:

Here are some awesome and insightful links!

I am currently in the process of creating instrumentation guides that help students write for each instrument, complete with links and examples, so that if a composer finds themselves writing for the clarinet and needs a refresher they can refer to these guides. They can be found in this folder.

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