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While most of my artistic endeavors have revolved around music, visual art has always been an important part of my life. I always enjoyed the design aspect of it most, so once I was painting on my own, I painted almost exclusively abstract works. Some of my primary artistic influences are my godfather, Marko Spalatin, Art Deco, Mondrian, and stained glass windows. 

I found my way into sculpture somewhat randomly. In 2013 I moved from the Midwest to San Francisco to pursue my M.M. in music composition, and in my first 3.5 years I was in five different apartments. In the process of moving all of these times, my mirrors kept breaking in the move. A quality I inherited from my thrifty, immigrant parents was thinking about if something had another life as something else before throwing it away. Before I threw away these mirror shards I always thought it was a shame because they could make a cool sculpture. Eventually I willed such sculptures into existence.


The first few weeks of the Covid pandemic in March 2020 were somewhat surreal. Music being my primary career focus, I was teaching at CSU East Bay and classes were on hold, people were dying everywhere, the future of live music was precarious, and we had no idea what the future would bring (for classical music or humanity at large). We just knew that everything would be different. My way of dealing with all of this was to throw myself into building Altar, which features a number of mirrors with small paintings on their backs. These mirrors are arranged in such a way that they can only be seen on the reflections of other mirrors. I really enjoyed the tangibility of the creative process and built several more works in the months that followed. Now my pieces are in public and private spaces across the United States, and I especially enjoy working with private residences and creating custom pieces that are meaningful to the clients. 

If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please click here. Thanks for reading!

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